FG Should Not Pay Lip Service To Broadband


FG Should Not Pay Lip Service To Broadband- MDXI Boss
By Pelumi Olaleye

L-R: NITRA Chairman, Mr Emma Okonji, NITRA members, Mr Peter Oluka, MD MDXI, Mr Gbenga Adegbiji and Mr Stan Okenwa

In a bid to actualise the broadband target, federal government has been urged not to pay lip service to internet penetration in the country.
Speaking during a media tour of his organisation,Managing Director of MDXI, a subsidiary of Mainone, Mr Gbenga Adegbiji sounded this advise.
According to him, government should not be making statements only, but come up with policies and regulations that would enable people to play in the broadband field.”
For Adegbiji, data centre in broadband is needed to avoid unnecessary delay in the delivery of service.
“Data centre is at the heart of broadband, for broadband to work effectively, you need local data centre, so that the issue of latency would not be there.
“Broadband means it should be fast internet and accessible to people.Almost everything we do in Nigeria is done on mobile, that is why people don’t understand exactly what broadband is. I must be able to sit in my house and real life movies on Netflix and that is when technology would be able to affect life positively. It is not something that could be dealt with within a year”.
He further disclosed how MDIX gets finance to run it’s data centre in Nigeria.
“Today, we have invested about $40million . We have investors that invested in this company, some of our investors are banks in Nigeria that co-invested in this business, we also have international players, bank loans.
“It is a combination of private individuals who put in their money, banks, finance corporations who finance MDXI.”
He disclosed that MDXI has 300 racks currently, 70 per cent is sold and running, 10 per cent is contracted.
“Some are at the final stage of closing the deal. we already have customers booking space for the second wing which would be installed by March.”
Speaking on their other investments across the nation, Adegbiji mentioned constructions of data centres that are in progress in other countries.
“We have started building Shagamu data centre, we are investing heavily there. It has 4.5 hecters of land. We are looking at options of green energy. Buildings are also being constructed in Accra and across the west African cost.”
Adegbiji noted that, the equipment used in the running of the data center are energy consuming.
“Today the chiller is running and each of those chillers consume about 250KW of power, if it runs for a hour it consumes about 260KW, we have about three running, we also have so many equipment thinking that are energy consuming.
“It would be a lot cheaper if this facility is operated in Canada because of the environment”.