Facebook To Combine Messenger, Instagram,WhatsApp By 2020


Facebook To Combine Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp By 2020
By Pelumi Olaleye

PopularĀ  social media platform,Facebook will be combining messenger App, Instagram, and WhatsApp infrastructure into one, come 2020.
The Co founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mark Zuckerberg said that the integration of the social networking services would result in reaching and advertising goods and services to very large audience at once.
Said he: “In building the best messaging experiences we can, people want messaging to be fast, simple, reliable and private. The project is reportedly already underway, and it hopes to complete the integration by 2020.
The popularity of Facebook has waned, particularly among younger users, but Instagram is still a cherished social network. WhatsApp continues to grow and is a popular messaging application internationally. By knitting all of the services together, Facebook may be able to better reach, analyze, and advertise to its entire audience at once.”
According to him, the services would remain prominent, but the back-end connections between the three apps would be integrated into a messaging platform.
End-to-end encryption, a system of communication whereby only the communicating users can read the messages, which is already a norm on WhatsApp, will be included to all of the services. Thereby increasing privacy and security for direct messages (DMs) on Instagram and Facebook Messenger.