Expert Tasked Organisations To File Information Digitally


Expert Tasked Organizations To File Information Digitally

By Gina Emmanuel

 Managing Director of Seamfix, Chimezie Emewulu has said that government agencies and organizations need to move away from analogue means of keeping files and folders.

Emewulu,who was speaking during the 10th year anniversary of Seamfix and launch ofBioregistra, a data capture and data management platform

According to him, we want government and companies to start making data-driven decisions and this cannot happen if data is still locked in files and paper archives.

” Traditionally in Nigeria, we fill paper-based forms in loads of situations when we are applying for different things from our letter of identification at the local government areas to affidavits at courts to even marriage registry. Bioregistra eliminates this stress because it enables capture of data into a central database with real time analysis. It is better, more efficient and cost effective when decisions are made based on data which is quickly available”.

 Bioregistra is a state of the art platform developed for individuals, corporates and government, among others to assist them capture data, store the data, and have access to the data at any time as they may desire. 

He however noted that the the major challenge in Nigeria is gathering needed data for accurate needs and assessment. But with Bioregistra, this challenge is history. The platform can now be used to capture all forms of data ;animate or inanimate.

Also commenting on the platform, Executive Director, Seamfix,   Chibuzor Onwurah said that Bioregistra reflects the spirit of today’s business environment which is anchored data. 

“In today’s business climate, insightful data is king. Informed decisions are made based on data. Bioregistra is designed to deliver this insightful data in the hands of discerning individuals, corporate organisations and governments in real time”. Addingthat the unique features of Bioregistra is a demonstration of the customer-centric approach adopted by the company to ensure that users derive maximum value from the platform.