Economic Growth: Stakeholders Call For Private Partnership
By Gina Emmanuel


Government and its agencies may have to align and allow other stakeholders, especially private organisations and specialists to work hand in hand with them if the economic dream of Nigeria will become a reality.

President and Chairman Governing Council, Nigerian Institute of Public Relations,Mr Rotimi Oladele said recently during the 2nd Annual Directors and Heads Public Relations Conference that nothing is holding Nigeria from growing but herself.
Oladele said the private sector must be fully engaged to handle business aspect of governance.
“Look at the visa application, it is outsourced to immigration experts who interview and issue the visa but in this clime,we want to do it all with zero efficiency”, he said.
According to him, Nigeria is fond of making memoradum of understanding,MOU instead of memoradum of action,MOA, what am I saying? Nigeria is fond of talking without any action.
“We must actually take steps. Even when you make mistakes, you can correct them but if you continue to talk without readiness, progress would be slow. In a country where there is progress, when you look at their document, there is element of action or role assignment or who does what and where. That is MOA and not the usual phrase of we agree to do, we agree to do without call to action. What have we done? Nothing. Personal attachment is necessary. if somebody were to ask questions, the answer should be timeliness and accountability are what we should be including in our role”.
On the rationale for the conference, Olaldele said “Because of the level at which the directors operate both in the private and public sector. They are at the policy making level and it is our belief that It is an impactful platform if you empower the directors, they will go back and bring in very robust input to policy making decision and apart from that even when the policies are made, they are the first level of executives to implement, be able to train and also efficiently supervise their own team. They would be able to bear their own educational mileages on all decisions made”.