WISCAR: Develop Yourselves, Deputy Governor Tells Women


WISCAR: Develop Yourself, Lagos Deputy Governor tells women
By Pelumi Olaleye

 Deputy Governor of Lagos state, Dr (Mrs) Idiat Adebule  has implored all women to develop themselves in other to grow the nation.
She said that women need to develop themselves to aid in the development in the society.
Speaking at the 10th year anniversary of Women in Successful Careers (WISCAR), a non-profit organisation, tagged ‘Developing Women to Build a Better Nation’ she noted that It is important for women to continue to develop themselves in acquiring knowledge in all areas, “So wherever you find yourselves be self-confident and tap into these development and grow”.
According to her, women need to be part of the system, be vocal, bold and show interest in technology or politics.
“Gender equality must be a priority in any organization which would influence a change in the society. Women should also b financially empowered. Women need to start contributing to the development and growth of the society.
She further stated that the mentality of Nigerians on women about being subjected only to domestic chores needs to be changed.
‘Their orientation in our society needs to be changed. We have a great role to play not only in the development of a society, but everywhere we find ourselves. Women needs to be educated not only in domestic chores, but in academics. Instill confidence in them, so wherever they find themselves they would be confident and bold enough to say their views on important matters. Also involve them in important issues happening around the world. Engagement of the girl-child has already started the rural area; where we pay particular attention to the girl-child.
While going down memory lane on the reasons for Wiscar, Founder of Wiscar, Mrs Amina Oyagbola, said, sexual harassment of defenseless women has been going on for centuries. However, with increasing influx of women in the work place, the practice has mushroomed into alarming proportions.
“Although few women have passed through the work place without suffering the attention of the few bullies who engage in these despicable acts. What therefore women must do is to call for the instituting of a global policy that would aid and protect women from sexual harassments and that will punish men who engage in it”.