More Agony For Turkish Airline Passengers


More Agony For Turkish Airline Passengers
Gina Emmanuel


Turkish airline counter at Terminal 1 in JFK

Passengers of Turkish Airline who boarded TK 626 from Nigeria and TK 003 from Istanbul are agonised and traumatised because almost a week after arriving the JFK international Airport, New York, they are yet to collect their luggages.
According to some of them who left Nigeria, they are not sure if their checked in luggages ever left the shores of Nigeria.
Six of them, who were hit more, were billed to attend an annual CES conference and exhibition in Las Vegas and are forced to stay in hotels, with just the clothes they wore from Nigeria.


Undelivered luggages

Olorunyomi Timade explained that every other airline had delivered luggages to their passengers except Turkish airline, which is not bothered about the inconvenience and discomfort it’s passengers were being made to pass through.
“The people at the call centre, which was the number that was given to us were practically rude without any remorse. You know, if only Nigeria can come up with its own carrier, it would be better. Aside this thrash, we would eat our own food and that would go a long way in reassuring us.
“Here, I am still at the mercy of Turkish airline. The lady at their Airport counter was saying that passengers are only entitled to $50 per day and must be accompanied by receipt. Tell me, is that enough or can that solve the fact that I and others had been traumatised or made to lose flights to our final destinations?”
Another offended passengers, Charlotte Taylor said the airline is being economical with the truth because the call centres keep promising to bring the luggages to their owners and that “There is no need to be at the JFK, at other times, it would be like, “We are still on it”, another day, “Your luggages have been confirmed, they are at Newark airport” and sometimes you get to hear ” it’s really not our fault, this was caused by the snowstorm”. Giving all sorts of excuses without a care of the pain they have caused. I think their regulator should call them to order, you don’t treat your customers like this and expect to retain them next time”, he said.
Recall that passengers who flew Turkish airline since Wednesday , January 4, 2018 from Nigeria have been in dilemma because their luggages have since not arrived.
And over 600 luggages belonging to visitors going to his year’s CES conference and exhibitions are still no where to be found.