9Mobile Iska Service Assist Farmers, Others By 84%


9mobile’s Iska Weather Forecast Service help farmers, Others By 84%
By Pelumi Olaleye

Against the backdrop of climate change, Iska weather service launched by 9mobile, in partnership with weather forecasting portal, Ignitia, has continued to impact the lives of its target users.
With Iska Weather Service, farmers in Nigeria can now predict the weather with 84 percent forecasts accuracy thereby empowering them to militate against adverse weather conditions that can impact negatively on their crops.
Speaking about this service, Head of Digital Media, 9mobile, Bolanle Afuye, said that it has been receiving thumbs up from event planners and traders, and other people whose means of livelihood or activities can be adversely impacted by poor weather.
Afuye explained that going by their findings, users have been taking advantage of Iska Weather Service in planning their events or activities thereby maximising output unhindered by weather conditions.
Speaking further, Afuye said Iska Weather Service provides 9mobile consumers with localised weather forecasts via SMS and USSD with 84 percent forecasts accuracy.
In addition, she said the service offers subscribers access to Ignitia’s daily 2-day weather forecast service on rainfall risk, timing and intensity, along with the monthly and seasonal outlooks once per month.
“Climate change is a serious environmental condition that affects all of us whether as humans, plants or animals. Weather being a major issue impacts on farming and food security. Thus, farmers are so concerned about the weather, especially considering that too much rain can cause the death of plants or infect plants with disease.